December 28, 2017

We Love our Work

When it comes to commitment, Lindsay and I are 110% in. So much so that we have been known to bring our work home – literally!

This year we were asked to help bring the Pet Helpers Fur Ball to life. I have always loved this organization and its mission to end the euthanasia of all adoptable cats and dogs by keeping all animals until adopted. Lindsay and I spent many days at the shelter on Folly Road while we worked with their team to execute the event.

Every day we would begin by visiting the kittens and dogs. Then the fateful day came – there was a transfer from a high-kill shelter that came in while we were there working. I overheard one of the staff say how cute one of the puppies was that came in. I asked to see it and inside that crate was the most beautiful grey brindle pup with crystal blue eyes. He was sweet and loving and cuddly.

While we worked on the Fur Ball that day, we nicknamed the pup Diesel. He sat with us in our laps as we made spreadsheets, wrote auction descriptions, reviewed marketing plans, and finalized seating charts.

By the end of the day he had become one of us and Lindsay took the sweet puppy home. He is now called Porter and makes his home in Walterboro with his sister Bailey and brother Brewski, both rescues as well.

Porter still reports for duty a few days a week to help plan the 2018 Pet Helper Fur Ball event!