January 16, 2018

A Fresh Look!

When I first named my destination meetings and event planning company, Details Charleston, it seemed natural to name it after Charleston. With our city getting so much media attention (thank you to Helen Hill, the CVB, and Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce!), I thought I was clever to have Charleston in our name, too.

And I thought I was savvy to note the obvious – that planning is all in the details! But after a few too many explanations of our work for those not in the know (were we detailing cars, or meetings?), we thought it might be time for a refresh.

In my mind, this meant a new name and a new website. But the leap between those is a little bigger than I’d anticipated. And sometimes being too close to the work makes it challenging to see where you can get valuable help. So I interviewed a few creative agencies in Charleston and found Ky Coffman with One + Other to help me with my brand and website. She guided me to one of their frequent collaborators, SeaChange.

Jon and Margaret at SeaChange helped me shape the content and overall voice of the new website. What I wasn’t expecting throughout the project was what a challenging yet rewarding process it would be. Jon and Margaret really got me to analyze where I am and where I want to be. It’s not always easy to really face your own self. I dare say a few tears may have been shed! But as the saying goes, “the road to success is always under construction.”

I’m excited to say that you are seeing the result of months of hard work by many of those team members.

I hope you enjoy our new site, that you will visit often and one day find your company highlighted as one of our success stories. If you enjoy working with us, please spread the word!

And if you haven’t worked with us yet, let’s fix that!

We would love the opportunity to provide creative, efficient solutions to your next meeting. 

Get started.